Support Warranty and RMA
Return for Refund or Credit
  • Sligers warranty only applies to products purchased directly from Sliger and our authorized distributors.
  • Products may be returned for credit or refund within 30 days from Sliger's ship date.
  • 30 day return window is based on ship date from Customer to Sliger, and includes holidays and weekends.
  • Shipping charges, PayPal or Amazon Pay fees, Custom Duties, Credit Card Fees and any other third party charges will not be refunded or credited.
  • Refunds will only be issued if returned products are returned in good and resalable condition.
  • NO credit or refunds will be given for non-warranted or out of warranty merchandises.
  • NO credit or refunds will be given for parts with customer labels, adhesives residue, markings, modifications, etc.
  • NO credit or refunds will be given for merchandises with any physical damage or modifications.
  • NO credit or refunds will be given for OEM, custom, or semi-custom parts or services (custom powder coats, modified cutouts, etc).
  • Any customer labels, adhesives, markings, modifications or branding on the return products MUST be removed before being sent back to Sliger.
  • Products returned with missing accessories or components may have applied charges. (i.e. cables, antennas, fans, side panels, hardware kits, power suppies, etc.)
  • These charges based on the purchase price of the part(s) missing or damaged, and will be quoted once the return is inspected by Sliger.
  • See WARRANTY TERMS AND CONDITIONS for specific exceptions and conditions.
Return for Repair or Replace
  • Sligers warranty only applies to products purchased directly from Sliger and our authorized distributors.
  • Products may be returned within the Products warrantied period starting from Sliger's ship date (2 to 5 years depending on Product and Warranty Contract).
  • For damaged Products an estimate of parts and labor cost will be submitted for approval prior to repair.
  • It is at Sligers discretion to decline to repair or replace any Product.
  • It is at Sligers discretion to decided if parts are to be replace or repaired, or if the products warranty is void due to customer damage.
  • A non-refundable No Trouble Found fee of $50 or 5% of purchase price (in USD) will be charged for any non-defective returned merchandise.
  • Wear & tear and customer induced damage are not covered under Repair or Replace.
  • See WARRANTY TERMS AND CONDITIONS for specific exceptions and conditions.
  • See RMA RETURN CONDITIONS for key points about returns.
RMA Return Conditions
  • Shipping charges, PayPal or Amazon Pay fees, Custom Duties, Credit Card Fees and any other third party charges will not be refunded or credited.
  • Any customer labels, adhesives, markings, modifications or branding on the return products MUST be removed before being sent back to Sliger.
  • International RMA customers must bear the shipping costs, duties, taxes, and/or brokerage fees associated with the return (RMA).
  • Under no circumstances will Sliger be responsible for other incurred costs associated with product replacement or repair.
  • See RMA PROCESS to process a Return Merchandise Authorization.
RMA Process
  • Please email to obtain an RMA number and request form.
  • RMA number is only valid for 10 business days after the date of issue.
  • Sliger will allow a 10 business day period for shipment of a returned product to reach Sliger.
  • Sliger will ship out replaced/repaired items within 1-15 business days from the date Sliger receives them.
  • Sliger will ship back the replaced/repaired merchandise by FedEx Ground, USPS Parcel Select, UPS, or an equivalent service.
  • See below warranty information for specifics on your RMA.

SHIPPING FROM SLIGER: The customer must notify Sliger of missing parts or components within 10 business days of receipt of Product. Replacement parts will be shipped out within 10 business days.

RETURN TO SLIGER: If the customer fails to return the complete unit to Sliger, the customer will be notified to ship the missing parts to Sliger at the customer's cost within ten (10) business days. A failure to do so will permit Sliger to charge the cost of missing part(s) to the customer. This charge is not refundable.


It is Sliger's responsibility to make a compensation claim to the courier if the replacement unit is damaged or lost by the courier, and to ship another replacement to the customer at no additional charge to customer. Products beleived to have been stolen from delivery point will require a police report be filed before a repalcement will be shipped. Please email for additional details.


Sliger reserves the right to invoice the customer, or deny refund for the Product in the case that Product is lost by courier and the customer either: (A) did not use the provided Sliger FedEx account number and the Product(s) were then damaged or lost, or (B) the packaging shows blatant disregard for proper packaging methods resulting in damage to the Product.

If Product was properly insured and packaged it is Sliger's responsibility to make a compensation claim to the courier, and to ship another replacement or issue a refund to the customer. Note that all refunds for lost packages are subject to the same terms as standard refunds: Shipping charges, PayPal or Amazon Pay fees, Custom Duties, Credit Card Fees and any other third party charges will not be refunded or credited.



Sliger Designs LLC ("Sliger") warrants its Products, if properly used and installed, against defects in material and workmanship for 2 years, or with extended and Advanced Replacement terms up to 5 years. Under normal use and service, every hardware portion of the products will be free from physical defects in material and workmanship during the warranty period (excludes normal wear and tear), or the product will be repaired or replaced as determined solely by Sliger.

PRODUCTS WITH SERIAL NUMBERS: This warranty is exclusively tied to the product serial number and/or component serial number(s), warranty applies regardless of ownership or ownership transfer, and is only based on original ship date.

PRODUCTS WITHOUT SERIALS such as rackmount chassis, wallmount cabinets, desktop cases, and custom order products do not require a serial number for warranty, however they do require an order confirmation or customer PO number. Products without serial number have their warranty based on original ship date. Cases bought on the second hand market are NOT covered by warranty. Sligers warranty only applies to products purchased directly from Sliger and our authorized distributors.

  • The warranty period is expired,
  • The serial number label is altered, defaced or removed,
  • Serial numbers of the product and its component serial number do not match Sliger’s database records,
  • The damage or defect of the product is caused by user-installed or user-modified software or components,
  • The product has been modified or repaired by any unauthorized service center or personnel or non-Sliger authorized representative,
  • The defect was subject to abuse, improper use not conforming to product manual instructions, or environment conditions more severe than those specified in specifications,
  • The damage or defect of the product is caused by deliberate, willful, or malicious Customer negligence (see CUSTOMER INDUCED DAMAGE (CID) section)
  • Damage caused by contact with any human or animal bodily fluids, or damage that presently contains any human or animal bodily fluids during RMA service,
  • Theft, misplacement, reckless, abusive, willful or intentional conduct associated with handling and use of the Product,
  • Products that have been lost or stolen,
  • Damage that occurs in shipment or from improper storage during transportation,
  • Cosmetic damage (e.g., paint scratches, dents) that does not otherwise affect or impede its functionality or materially impair its use,
  • Damages by any other cause not related to defective design, workmanship, and/or materials,
  • Or if you submit a claim for a product having a different serial number than the serial number our records indicate for the product,
  • If the failures or parts and/or labor costs incurred are the subject of a component recall,
  • Damage that is secondary damage or any damage that would be ordinarily covered under a primary insurance policy (e.g., car accident causes damage to the product, fire destroys product, etc.);
  • The defect was subject to Force Majeure, such as acts of God, flood, lighting, earthquake, war, vandalism, fires, theft, surges, brownouts, or sags,
  • Protection against any other act or result not covered by this Plan; and
  • Any resultant damage to the product that arises from one or more conditions described above.

If Product does not operate as warranted per the product specifications during the applicable warranty period, Sliger shall, at its option and expense repair the defective product or part, deliver to the customer an equivalent product or part to replace the defective item; replacement products may be new or reconditioned. All defective products that are replaced will become the property of Sliger.


Sliger maintains a database of all standard, extended, and advanced replacement warranties, claims, dates, and product information including all serial numbers of all components. Warranties and Return Merchandise Authorization (“RMA”) of Product are exclusively tracked against aforementioned database.


The extended warranty is provided to Sliger customers to entitle them to claim warranty repairs or after-sales service for an extended period after the standard warranty ends, valid within USA and Canada only.

  • All extended warranties are to be purchased with the product, or within 60 days of the initial purchase of the associated Sliger product.
  • Customer may purchase warranty extensions in one year increments at any time, given that Sliger authorizes the warranty extension purchase for that product.
  • Notifications of warranty expiration and offers for extension may be provided between 90 to 5 calendar days until expiration, and on the last business day of or before expiration.
  • Warranty extensions may be purchased within a reasonable date range after warranty has expired, at Sliger’s discretion.

The total maximum extended warranty that a Sliger product can carry varies by product and component availability. To purchase an extended warranty during the purchase of a Sliger product, the customer should inform Sliger of the product model, quantity and the extended warranty period to purchase and is subject to the terms under “WARRANTY EXCLUSIONS, LIMITATIONS AND CONDITIONS”.


The Advanced Replacement Service (“ARS”) only covers those defects already covered by the Sliger manufacturer warranty. If during the Advanced Replacement service period the product fails, an equal (or upgraded replacement) unit will be shipped to the customer. The replacement could be a brand new or a reconditioned unit at Sliger’s discretion. The replacement unit will be registered in Sliger’s database and covered in this program automatically until the original unit coverage period expires.

Advanced Replacements may also be provided in the form of components to repair a unit onsite at customer request, provided customer has a Sliger authorized representative or technician available and both Sliger and the customer have determined that an advanced component replacement is the more commercially viable method for repair. Sliger’s support has sole discretion to authorize component replacement Advanced Replacement.

  • Product shipping must be insured for 50% of the Customer’s Purchase Price of the unit. See “Courier Lost or Damaged” section below.
  • The Sliger Advanced Replacement Service is only available within the USA and Canada.
  • Additional charges may be added to units returned in insufficient packaging (as described below in the “REPAIR SERVICE” section, packaging can be re-used from received advanced replacements,) for any components missing or broken, or for any defacement or damage to chassis (stripped screws, dents, scratches, paint chipping, stickers, paint pen marking, etc.) of returned product.
  • Advanced Replacement Service can only be purchased with the product, or added within 60 days of the product purchase date.
  • Service and warranty plan starts on the date the product ships from Sliger.
  • Warranty extensions apply to Advanced Replacement Services as well.
  • Customer must provide shipping for property returned not covered under the ARS program.

Units returned to Sliger under the ARS program with or without an issue reported and Sliger is un able to recreate the issue the incident/ticket will be deemed No Trouble Found (“NTF”) and will be subject to the ADVANCED REPLACEMENT SERVICE TERMS.

Sliger is not responsible or liable for any customer system components, peripherals, mounting hardware, and/or miscellaneous items erroneously or intentionally shipped to Sliger during either RMAs or Advanced Replacements. Sliger will make best efforts to identify and preserve any customer owned assets erroneously shipped.


If the customer fails to provide proof of return in the form of an active tracking number within fifteen (15) business days after receiving the Advanced Replacement units, or fails to return of the unit within sixty (60) business days after receiving the Advanced Replacement units, Sliger will charge the customer's account USD $100.00 per business day up to the value of the Customer’s Purchase Price. Sliger, at its digression, may apply a grace period of up to ten (10) business days to this delayed return policy.

Sliger will make best efforts to contact customers to obtain tracking or proof of delivery before charging fees.

These charges are not refundable unless the customer can provide Proof of Delivery (“POD”) that indicates the customer did return the unit on time or within a reasonable manner. Charges can also be used as credit towards purchasing new product(s) or service(s) if the customer provides full payment.


Sliger guarantees a quantity of 4.5% (rounded up) of customer’s active units under Advanced Replacement, with a minimum of one (1) replacement product per customer. (Example if a customer has 5 units, Sliger will maintain one (1) Advanced Replacement Product for that customer; if customer has 100 units, Sliger will maintain (4.5) products rounded up to five (5) Advanced Replacement Products.)

Sliger may manufacture additional units for placement into the ARP at its discretion. All advanced product replacements are subject to quantity available in Sliger stock. If Sliger does not have stock or in process repairs to replace the returned products either due to a large number of concurrent failures, from a wide spread component failure, and/or an OEM software failure (affecting customer fleet), Sliger shall have at least thirty (30) business days to either manufacture new product, receive and replace the returned products, or to cross share pools between customers.

All products while in the Advanced Replacement Pool (“ARP”) are property of Sliger, all customer data on pool devices shall be erased or re-imaged to customer requirements accordingly on shipment.


The Accident Protection Plan is an optional add-on warrnaty plan that covers a wide range of commonly experienced use, accident and failures not covered under the standard, extended or advanced warranties. Please contact a Sliger support staff member for details and quote. All Accident Protection Plans are unique per product, customer, and contract. Examples of defects covered by Accident Protection:

  • Normal wear and tear
  • Dust, internal humidity/condensation
  • Liquid Spills
  • Power surge/fluctuation
  • Defective pixels for those Covered Products that have a pixel-based display. (three or more defective pixels throughout the entire display area)
  • Screen image burn-in
  • Accidental drops, impacts, functionality impairing scratches (e.g., scratch to touch screen) or other transportation and use damages

All broken/damaged units must be returned to Sliger for repair/replacement assessment. Sliger will, at its option, repair or replace the components, to whatever extent Sliger deems necessary to restore the unit to proper operating condition. If the cost per repair exceeds the price of the unit, the product will be replaced.

Sliger does not offer refund or credits for warranty or Accident Protection Plan (“APP”) Warranty Costs.


Warranty and out-of-warranty service can be obtained by contacting Sliger’s RMA department directly at When requesting RMA service, the product serial number, Order Number or Purchase Order Number, and a description of defects with details on how to recreate the issue (if possible) may be required to be provided. After the RMA request is received, Sliger will provide the Customer with an RMA number and ship to address within five business days. No returns will be accepted without an assigned RMA number, with exception of units being returned under the ARP program, and any cost incurred from unauthorized returns may be passed on to Customer. The authorization of the return of a defective product is strictly at the discretion of Sliger Support.

  • Before allowing any service from Sliger, including remote login check and repairing service, the customer must back up the data and remove any of the customer's confidential, proprietary or personal information.
  • Sliger will not be liable and is only responsible for the hardware repair of the products and disclaims any responsibility for rescuing or keeping the data stored on the products.
  • The customer is responsible for backing up all the data stored on any Sliger device before returning the product to Sliger.
  • Sliger will not be liable for any damage, loss and exposure of confidential or private information or data contained in any product, hardware, software or media during the RMA, repair/replace process.
  • Sliger will repair the unit within 10 business days from receiving the product, not including transit time for shipment return. If expedited return is required it must be indicated at time of RMA request.
  • For international RMAs (excluding Canada) the customer will be charged $50.00 (USD) handling fee, and all other fees incurred, including two ways freight, duties, taxes and brokerage fee.
  • If the customer's product is not covered under warranty, Sliger may offer Repair Services covered under the customer's payment provided that
  • The customer pays for the cost of obtaining the part(s) and;
  • The part(s) are available for purchase.
  • Customer must return the defective units within fifteen (15) business days following receipt of the replacement units. (Based on the unit receipt date at customer site and courier pick up date, 15 day figure does not include courier transit time.)
  • Customer must return all components and accessories related to the defective unit to Sliger.
  • Customer must ship the defective unit back to Sliger in the packaging per the specifications listed in the “Shipping & Delivery Costs” section above, or reuse the packaging provided by Sliger in the case of an Advanced Replacement.
  • If the packaging is damaged during shipping, customer must provide their own proper packaging to ensure safe return shipment to Sliger.

If any defect in the products or part were caused by misuse, neglect, accident, abuse, improper repair, alteration or modification by the Customer (with exception of preapproved Sliger authorization), or any act in violation of the original selling conditions of the product provided by Sliger, the product is considered to be a Customer Induced Damage (“CID”) Unit.

In the case of a CID, the warranty has been temporarily voided by the Customer's actions and the warranty cannot apply, the Customer will be charged the value of the replacement parts and associated labor charges. Once repairs are completed and payment is processed the Customer's original warranty will be reinstated.

  • If covered by APP and the CID repair is due to accidental damage, repair will be fully covered and will not be subject to additional costs, given the repair does not exceed the APP repair service limits.
  • If covered by APP and the CID repair is assessed as not accidental or exceeds the APP repair service limits, the customer will be charged the value of the replacement parts only.

Sliger must be notified of Defective or Dead on Arrival (DOA”) Products within thirty (30) days from Sliger's ship date. DOA products will have a replacement product shipped at cost to Sliger. Cost of returning DOA products will also be charged to Sliger.

DOA products must have proof of return shipment in the form of an active tracking number to Sliger within fifteen (15) business days of RMA.


All RMAs, Advanced Replacement Product, Advanced Replacement Components, Accident Protection Replacements, and other returns to and from Customer sites for servicing will be shipped via FedEx Ground, unless stipulated otherwise in agreement or in writing at time of RMA Request for expedited processing.

  • Sliger ships via FedEx Ground or USPS for replacements. (Unless agreed in writing otherwise.)
  • Customers must pack the return product with a minimum of three inches of packaging material on all side of the unit, minimum of a 9”x16”x20” single wall corrugated cardboard box.
  • Sliger will provide a FedEx account exclusively for FedEx Ground shipping for all RMA processing to and from customer sites.
  • All returns must be insured for a minimum of 50% of Customer purchase price when being shipped to Sliger for servicing.
  • All shipping charges will be prepaid by Sliger, and invoiced at the end of each calendar month to the respective customer or site.
  • All shipments must have approval from Sliger support prior to using the provided FedEx account number.
  • P.O. Box addresses are NOT accepted for RMA delivery. The customer must provide Sliger with a physical address.
  • It is a customer's responsibility to remove all old shipping waybills, air shipping labels etc. from the original packaging and affix a new shipping label and waybill provided by Sliger on the outside of the box.
  • Customer must remove all mounting hardware - balls, arms, rack ears, or other attached customer property - before shipping Product for warranty service.
  • Sliger is not responsible for damage, loss, or shipping costs of any customer owned propery attached or inclosed in Product returned to Sliger that are not part of the Product as sold.
  • Sliger is not responsible for loss, recovery, or damages resulting from loss, of any customer data on storage media of Product returned to Sliger.
  • Additional charges for added weights and dimensions because of affixed customer property on returned products will be invoiced or charged to customer.
  • Sliger is not responsible for any packaging costs incurred by the Customer returning units to Sliger.

Under no circumstances will Sliger either Party or its affiliates, employees, officers, directors or agents be liable for any consequential, indirect, special, punitive, or incidental damages, whether foreseeable or unforeseeable, (including, but not limited to), claims for loss of data, goodwill, inconvenience, delay, profits, use of money or use of the Sliger products, interruption in use or availability of data.

Sliger’s entire liability and customer's sole and exclusive remedy for claims related to or arising out of these terms and conditions for any cause and despite the form of action, whether in contract or in tort, statutory or otherwise, including negligence and strict liability, will not exceed the amount of the purchase price paid. This limitation of liability will be effective even if customer has advised Sliger or its service provider of the possibility of any such damages.

These terms and conditions gives customer specific legal rights. Customer may also have other rights that may vary from state to state or from country to country. Customer is advised to consult applicable state or country laws for a full determination of customer's rights. Some states or countries do not allow a limitation on how long an implied warranty lasts or the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages for consumer products. In such states or countries, some exclusions or limitations of these terms and conditions may not apply to customer.