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Prototypea first article unit for your review and testing

First Article »

Single piece pilot unit for modifications and testing

Once you've approved your design, purchased the first article, and paid the NRE, our engineering team will build and ship your first article unit to you!

This unit will be your opportunity to analyze your system performance, compatibility test your software and get a feel for the mechanical function of the unit. If anything with the first article is incompatible with your ideals we'll work with you to revise any issues or nuances so that the preproduction run is your market candidate.

Preproduction »

A small five to twenty piece production run (this step is optional, but recommended)

The purpose of the preproduction run is to first make any changes required from the first article unit, and second to discover any manufacturing issues that may arise during full scale production. Additionally the preproduction units are excellent for:

  • Speeding regulatory and environmental testing by conducting multiple test synchronously
  • Use at trade shows, use in documentation development, or for sending to clients for evaluation
Contact one our project engineers at 1 (775) 356-5595 or engineering@sliger.com for any questions or quotes!